Water Facilities

Stage 2 is equipped with an interior tank with removable cover, which can be flooded or used to extend the stage area depth. Productions can also extend the sides of the pit further to facilitate their requirements. Its dimensions are 12 x 18 x 3m / 39 x 59 x 10ft, with capacity to hold 539,800 litres / 142,600 gallons and is available for all types of surface and underwater filming.

The tank has been used by numerous productions to create iconic sets such as the pool party scene in The Great Gatsby and the Darwin wharf scene in Australia. Alien: Covenant used the tank as an extension of landscape to form a deep crash site for their spaceship.

Stage 1, although not specifically designed as a water stage, has been used for several water sequences. The Matrix shot their elaborate rain scenes by building a small wall around the interior perimeter of the stage, collecting the water and pumping it back out to create rain. Superman Returns built a 6ft high wall around the stage, flooding the area to provide 10,000sqft of water surface.




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