Stage 2

Stage 2 is the largest of the purpose-built stages at Disney Studios Australia. The stage provides over 3,008 sqm / 32,283 sqft of floor space and almost 15 m / 50 ft to the underside of the grid.

It is equipped with an interior tank with removable cover, which can be flooded or used to extend the stage area depth.

Stage 2 also features office space, star rooms, green rooms, make-up rooms, storage areas, kitchenette, air conditioning, bathrooms, showers and a large extras make-up area.

Widely known as the most sought-after sound stage in the southern hemisphere, previous productions include Thor: Love and Thunder, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Alien: Covenant, Hacksaw RidgeMad Max: Fury RoadThe Great GatsbyAustraliaThe MatrixSuperman Returns and Star Wars.

Stage Specifications

3,008 sqm / 32,283 sqft

64 x 47 x 15 m / 211 x 153 x 48 ft

Soundproofing 50dB (A)

Lighting Grid:
Steel monorail network
Stair access to gantry and walkways

Interior Tank:
12 x 18 x 3 m / 39 x 59 x 10 ft
648 cbm / 22,884 cbft
539,800 litres / 142,600 gallons
Floodable with removable cover

Three-phase mains current 400V 50Hz
Single-phase 240V 50Hz
Maximum 2,000 amps per phase

Air Conditioning:
Air Conditioned

Stage Doors:
2 Stage Doors

Door Clearance:
5.9 x 5.0 m / 19.36 x 16.40 ft

Floor Loading:
Maximum 2 tonnes / sqm
5 tonne point load

Car Parking:
36 bays for car and truck parking

Back of House:
Offices, Make-up rooms, Star rooms, Green rooms, Kitchenette, Loading Dock




Art & Costume


Disney Lighting

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